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The days of the Olympic picture house are long gone.  Since 2011, the former little cinema in the Chantenay district has given way to Stéréolux. With its futurist style, looking like some aircraft that's landed at La Fabrique on the Île de Nantes, it can introduce us to plenty of fresh and different musical UFOs. 

If we borrowed a bit of nostalgia from the singer Dominique A, we could say that, in Chantenay, ‘Tomorrows sing sweetly no more’. The Olympic has gone, and we’re cut up about that. But all is not lost for true devotees of the small stage. You could say that in its day, the Olympic blew the trumpet for Brittany (Dominique A, Philippe Katerine and Little Rabbits, for instance) and set off the sirens of indie pop. Never mind; Stéréolux is making sure that the lights shine bright again! The Songo Association might have lost some of its indie pop and cutting-edge electro soul, but not its spirit of independence.

The new venue at La Fabrique was officially opened in 2011 and is a total cultural experience. With its two auditoriums: the “Micro” (400 seats) and the “Maxi” (1200 seats), this place of gleaming chrome may be a cultural complex, but doesn't need to get a complex about it. Every year the Scopitone Festival scores full marks (in 2013, it got the thumbs up from a 40,000-strong audience), and the schedule for the season rolls out a programme that reflects new trends, at a pace that makes your head spin. There’s contemporary music, of course, but also conferences and events to get the grey matter moving, with digital creation and young audiences thrown into the mix. If there are any Crusoes out there who are short of a man-Friday, they should head for the Île de Nantes: it’s an island full of sound, never deserted, where you’ll never feel alone.