Club Coatelan


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Welcome to the Coatelan, in the heart of scenic Brittany! A legendary club in the 1980s-1990s, this Plougonven temple of rock is still plugged in to the latest sounds, more in fact now than it ever was. Ready to take the plunge?

Noir Désir, La Mano Négra, Les Négresses Vertes, Les Rita Mitsoukos, FFF, Gun Club, and many others have unsheathed their axes on the mythic Coatelan stage, in Plougonven, near Morlaix. And we can confirm that if the Coatelan has always blasted out a watt or two, it is in large part due to the free electrons of the Wart association.
Wart (or War for Art) is a band of partying pals who have been inviting us to stomp the boards for a dozen years or so at the Panoramas festival, one of Brittany’s unmissable spring festivities. With artists like DJ Shadow, Chinese Man, Digitalism and The Shoes on the bill, every year some 22,000 festival-goers take in this 360° panorama of current sounds in Morlaix.

Over the years, the Wart free electrons have collided with electro, and helped bands like Vitalic and Justice get off the ground at the foot of the Monts d’Arrée mountains. But that doesn’t mean that Coatelan has turned its back on other genres. So spread the news: Finistere does not have a ship on its shoulder, as that king of touring bands in Brittany, local boy and singer-songwriter Miossec confirmed on his latest visit to Morlaix.