Picture 1 Vannes

Vannes is a lively town of fifty thousand souls, and the town certainly has soul! The Vannes jazz Festival is just one of the many reasons to visit this town that’s at the vanguard of Breton culture: the folkloric FĂȘtes d’Arvor is another, as is the Tro Breizh (‘tour of Brittany’) religious pilgrimage.

The Saint-Patern area of Vannes is the beating heart of the town! It’s a lively, effervescent place, as confirmed by the six and a half thousand students at the Catholic University and the South Brittany University here - and the nightlife is definitely worth the trip! Waroch II conquered the town in the year 578, and it’s been rocking ever since. The rue de Saint-Tropez is where the fun begins, and most of the action is in the quartier Saint-Patern on the Boismoreau hillside. This is where you’ll find bars, restaurants and some fabulous places to hang out. A great place to meet up for the Jazz Festival, the FĂȘtes d’Arvor or the Tro Breizh pilgrimage is the Jardins de la garenne â€“ ‘Rabbit Warren gardens’ – where you can really let your ‘hare’ down!