Picture 1 Rennes

The historic centre of Rennes has for centuries satisfied the appetites of many a hungry ogre, including the most Rabelaisian among us, and it’s yours for the taking today! Enjoy the architecture, the culture, and the easy-going ambiance of Rennes as you meander your way from the rue de la Soif to the marché de la place des Lices.

Make your way to the Saint-Michel Prison without having to pass Go – and enjoy your ‘Monopoly’ on having a great time as you take in the sights and sounds of the historic city of Rennes that’s as lively at night as it is in the day! Rennes was once a city of dungeons and hideaways, but there’s no hiding place now for its fantastic variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs – this is a jailhouse city that rocks!

Needless to say, lovers of liberty and open air will just love strutting their stuff past the many cafés along the rue de la Soif (Thirst Street), bisected by the place Sainte-Anne, the perfect place for a snackstop with a galette and one or more ciders. Suitably refreshed, you might want to continue your exploration along geometrical lines: size up the architecture of the Cathedral, the Brittany Parliament building and the Saint-Georges swimming pool building for an interesting triangular stroll – or zig-zag along the little café-bars. A more diagonal trajectory takes you past some fantastic musical sights and sounds in the evening going from the salle de la Cité to the Ubu – both legendary musical venues! Don’t stay out so late that you miss the unmissable local speciality on Saturday mornings: a delicious galette saucisse – a hot sausage wrapped in a savoury buckwheat pancake - at the marché des Lices market. There are oysters there too; just one more reason to experience the lively atmosphere of Roazhon, as they say in Breton!