Picture 1 Brest

'Here I am, and here I’ll stay!' You’ll never want to leave Brest, the lovely capital of Finistère. They call it the thunderously fantastic city - ville du tonnerre – and you too will be swept away by the charming port and bay area at this ‘Brest-seller’ of a place!

Local rock singer and songwriter Christophe Miossec wrote longingly of the wrench he felt when leaving Brest’s lovely harbour and its windswept Jean Jaurès street. Visitors to this town are just as entranced by this most Breton of Breton cities that rose from the ashes of the destruction wreaked by 30,000 wartime bombs and 100,000 shells, and that transforms even the most indifferent visitor into a lifelong fan!

Only a city with such heart and such verve can have this effect on visitors. The journey begins at the maritime port and marina, magnets for pleasure-seekers and great places to enjoy a view that stretches far back to the horizon. Spend an evening as a boatman! Make sure you spend some time strolling along the rue de Siam - somewhat easier going down than it is coming back up, especially later on! And don’t miss the vertical lift bridge, the pont de Recouvrance - cross it before the curfew! The Quartier Saint-Martin is a great place to enjoy a delightful performance in a café-concert bar as the sea air wafts over you, or perhaps a techno evening at the Astropolis dance music festival held here. From boats to bars - Brest is the best place to be, come rain or shine or even thunder!