• Rennes

    The historic centre of Rennes has for centuries satisfied the appetites of many a hungry ogre, including the most Rabelaisian among us, and it’s yours for the taking today! Enjoy the architecture, the culture, and the easy-going ambiance of Rennes as you meander your way from the rue de la Soif to the marché de la place des Lices.

  • Brest

    'Here I am, and here I’ll stay!' You’ll never want to leave Brest, the lovely capital of Finistère. They call it the thunderously fantastic city - ville du tonnerre – and you too will be swept away by the charming port and bay area at this ‘Brest-seller’ of a place!

  • Dinan

    Could it be that the brave heart of Du Guesclin ‘The Eagle of Brittany’ - the 14th Century military knight – lies beating in the Saint-Sauveur basilica? We may never know, but what we do know is that the Côtes-d’Armor area of Brittany has its finger on the pulse, and perhaps never more so than in the evenings along Dinan’s rue de la Soif .

  • Vannes

    Vannes is a lively town of fifty thousand souls, and the town certainly has soul! The Vannes jazz Festival is just one of the many reasons to visit this town that’s at the vanguard of Breton culture: the folkloric Fêtes d’Arvor is another, as is the Tro Breizh (‘tour of Brittany’) religious pilgrimage.