Venues Tost d'An Dut

Nationality: Breton, and no mistake!

Lopérec, Finistère

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Tost d'An Dut
2, rue Vian
29590 Lopérec
Phone : 02 98 81 14 68
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It’s hard to believe that Hergé, inventor of ‘Asterix, had never met the governor of the Tost d’an dut when he first drew his ancient moustachioed heroes!
If you want to know where the warriors from the Asterix books are hanging out these days then come to the Tost D’an dut and meet Luc Tosser, a strapping, hirsute, imposing fellow whose kilt matches his mood! Luc Tosser is fiercely proud of his Breton heritage and isn’t afraid to say so – but there’s nothing to be afraid of! Foreigners (in other words, anyone from outside Brittany and that includes the French!) are always warmly welcomed here at the well-named Tost d’an dud - which translates as ‘close to the people’. As the host often says – this is truly a house of God and everyone gets what he prays for!! Enjoy a snack at the bar, thrash your opponent at chess beside the granite fireplace or just hang out, shoot the breeze and enjoy life. Got that? Kenavo!!

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Access for the Disabled : yes

Regional products

  • Local produce taster plates
  • local cider
  • Breton beers

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  • In the country

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