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Taverne du Roi Morvan
1, place Polig Monjarret
56100 Lorient
Phone : 02 97 21 61 57
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A world of musical treasures awaits you at Le Roi Morvan, where Breton music brings people together around delicious traditional food.
People go crazy round here for the sea-salted roast pork and Guémené sausages, or the ‘kig ha farz’ – served here for over a decade now by the inimitable Irène, guardian of this wonderful culinary tradition! Her son Julien looks after the musical side of things, and it’s the music plus the food that create that special ‘je ne sais quoi’. A band gave its name to Friday’s dish of Poisson [fish] Karigosse and the chef swears that no musician has ever had anything bad to say about his music. The stories of band performances trip off the tongue, including the concert at Tan Ban Ti during the memorable Interceltic festival of 2008 and of course the Breton Celtic punk music of the ‘Ramoneurs de Menhir’ and Louise Ebrel, that had 2000 people trying to get in. Let’s just say the jam sessions here are truly sweet!

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