Venues Ostarili Ti Jos

Ty Jos – a little world of musical delights!

Locronan, Finistère

Ostarili Ti Jos
Place de la Mairie
29180 Locronan
Phone : 02 98 91 70 75
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This ordinary looking bar-tabac in Locronan conceals a world of musical performances orchestrated by none other than…Ronan, who else?
The Ostarili Ty Jos was the scene of one very happy encounter with a scratch-card in January 2010! And while some people have happy bank managers, here in this rustic little bar at Locronan the guests are the happiest of all! With his Gitane cigarettes and his trusty newspaper, Ronan has created a lovely little hang-out here, with monthly Breton and French song performances known as Meagan evenings – a great chance to hear some lyrical poetry! Once a week on Thursdays, there’s an eagerly awaited performance of traditional Breton and Irish music that takes place on stage (not at the newspaper and cigarettes stand!)

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  • cafe/bar

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  • In town

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