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There's nothing like the community spirit in Le Pixie!

Lannion, Côtes-d'Armor

Le Pixie
Porche du 73ème territorial
22300 Lannion
Phone : 02 96 37 65 32
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If culture were a chain, this concert-café in Lannion would be one of the links. Elementary my dear Watson! This is the place for artists – but not in the classical style. Sixty concerts a year, 10 years old and not a wrinkle in sight and the shows are always full to bursting, carried away by the crowd...
The entrance archway outside hides the real Le Pixie: in its courtyard or its 150m2 room, the atmosphere is intimate and friendly. The concert-café has been serving up a musical sauce for nearly 10 years now. And don’t the lucky locals know it! People have a huge variety of tastes and that's just as well: jazz, French chanson, rock, pop or ‘trad’ on Tuesdays in summer, the music reflects the customers: "eclectic", even electric on big nights. There is a good choice of locally-produced beers, organic products and delicious dishes with flavours from ‘land and sea’. As for the concert price, "it is never more than €5". A blessing for those who have passed the word around. From an evening of theatre to a live concert via a talk, just ask for the programme!

Details of package

Languages spoken

  • English

Access for the Disabled : yes

Regional products

  • Local produce taster plates
  • local cider
  • Breton beers

Practical information


  • Music cafe

Localisation type

  • In town

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