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A café with a real scent of the open sea...

Locmiquélic, Morbihan

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Le Mamm Kounifl
Route de Port-Louis
56570 Locmiquélic
Phone : 02 97 33 92 37
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... And where the walls are the guardians of the history of a family and a little fishing village in Morbihan. Le Mamm Kounifl is all of that, and a lot more besides.
This is the fourth generation of women to be at the helm of the family-run Mamm Kounifl! Breton for rabbit, from the nickname of great grandfather Bénoni, who went off fishing while his wife, with her traditional coiffe firmly in place on her head, looked after the bar. Perhaps you are even leaning on the hull of his dinghy, the "Sans Souci", which, nowadays, does service as the bar counter. With its walls of panelled wood steeped in history, this concert-café is a guardian of Breton culture that’s both simple, festive and friendly. In short, this is where you meet your friends. And what if you haven't any? Then you’re certain to make some! You can also listen to the musicians who come each week to enliven the Mamm Kounifl by teaching a few steps of Irish dancing or else do a bit of knitting and have a natter.

Details of package

Access for the Disabled : yes

Regional products

  • Local produce taster plates
  • local cider
  • Breton beers

Practical information


  • Music cafe

Localisation type

  • In the country
  • By the sea

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