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The old tower has stayed young at heart!

Moncontour, Côtes-d'Armor

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Le Contre Temps
2 rue de la Porte d'en Haut
22510 Moncontour
Phone : 09 54 87 89 67
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In the medieval town of Moncontour there’s a café that you could really get hooked on, Captain! Traditional games, activities and events, talks about local history, concerts and tastings of regional produce that delight locals and curious onlookers alike. So why not join them?
One day, you might just venture onto the streets of Moncontour and happen to see a happy group of Breton ‘palet’ players, then follow the wafting smell of grilled cutlets, hear the strumming chords of distant guitars, and maybe learn the rules of a very unusual new game. You’ve guessed it; you’re at ‘La Vielle Tour’! Next time, you won’t arrive by chance, because it’s not something you’ll forget in a hurry! What? The friendly atmosphere, the locally brewed De Launey beer, the farm-produced cider, the apple juice, the Breton ‘crème de pastis’...the charcuterie, cheeses and pastries. It’s enough to revive the taste-buds of the long-dead knights and peasants! But for the moment it’s your taste buds that will brought back to life in this café built from stone and majestic timbers. The enchanting atmosphere is a bonus. Isn’t life great?

Details of package

Languages spoken

  • English

Regional products

  • Local produce taster plates
  • Breton beers
  • local cider

Practical information


  • Authentic local cafe

Localisation type

  • In town

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