Venues La Truye qui file

Ready, Teddy, Go!

Dinan, Côtes-d'Armor

La Truye qui file
14, rue de la Cordonnerie
22100 Dinan
Phone : 02 96 39 72 29
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No teddy Boys here...just a teddy bear! ‘La Truye qui file’, a little bar owned by a big Teddy, always at the ready behind the bar or centre-stage.
No, no, it’s not the drink that’s making you see double! ‘Nounours’ (Teddy), the owner, has the gift of being in two places at once and is as quick at pulling pints as grabbing his guitar. He’s always either behind the bar or centre-stage. You’re sure to find both the big Grizzly and the crates of ‘Coreff’ (the local Breton beer) very welcoming. Nounours will willingly give you his paw or try to sweeten you up with a selection of fruit juices spiced with some extra added ingredients. On the walls of this timeless building you’ll find photos of Rory Gallagher, Calvin Russell and Lynyrd Skynyrd, testimony to the mythical and legendary past of ‘La Truye qui file’. A time when Motorhead were the kings of rock, and gave many a long-haired rocker an excuse to stomp about and do a bit of head banging. You might have a bad hair day, but you’ll never have a bad time at ‘La Truye’!

Details of package

Languages spoken

  • Arabic

Access for the Disabled : no

Regional products

  • local cider
  • Breton beers

Practical information


  • cafe/bar

Localisation type

  • In town

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