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Saint-Malo, Ille et Vilaine

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La Belle Epoque
11 rue de Dinan
35400 Saint-Malo
Phone : 02 99 40 82 23
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In between lazing on the beach and a date on the ramparts, it’s the perfect time to look and feel good at ‘La Belle Époque’. As old as the city walls themselves, this St Malo pub has made itself indispensible. It’s in the ‘real’ St Malo and it’s really fun!
1664. A very appropriate year for a bar whose speciality is beer! And you might just see Surcouf’s ghost leaning against the bar knocking back a rum or two. Just two minutes from the ‘Bon-Secours’ beach, and on Dinan’s doorstep, there’s always a Jolly Roger atmosphere at ‘La Belle Époque’. Maybe this is due to the exotic cocktails, mojitos and caïpirinhias brought back from faraway places, and served by the ‘belle équipe’. The music takes you on a journey to distant climes too, and the smell of the sea air is as strong as your wish to keep coming back. Above your head the original old timbers still carry the cutlass marks left by the swaggering swashbucklers staggering from too much rum. And even if you don’t see Surcouf, you’ll definitely find hidden treasure here.

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