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Triple success for El Teatro

Rennes, Ille et Vilaine

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El Teatro
3 rue Saint-Guillaume
35000 Rennes
Phone : 09 50 32 15 25
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With three different styles of music on offer, El Teatro has fast become one of the most fashionable bars on Rennes nightlife scene. With drinks available on every floor, you can be the star of the show for a night.
When you go to El Teatro, be ready for the night to take an unexpected turn and to be surprised by the constantly changing decor. The bar, located in Rennes’ historic town centre, has three different ambiances for you to discover, starting with the ground floor. The suspense won't last too long: just long enough for you to get down to some 80s pop and take in the baroque decor of the rock bar. Fancy trying a new music scene? The first floor with its electronic music vibe is exactly what you need. Unless you’re feeling nostalgic and you want to brush up on the lyrics of classic French hits on the top floor. It may be nearly closing time, but you'd have been happy to keep on moving upwards - don't worry though; at El Teatro the night always has a happy ending.

Practical information


  • Late-night bar
  • Music cafe

Localisation type

  • In town

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