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Yt’s magic

Rennes, Ille et Vilaine

Picture 1 Cité d'Ys

Cité d'Ys
31 rue Vasselot
35000 Rennes
Phone : 02 99 78 24 84
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You might have thought that the City of Ys had been swallowed by the ocean forever, but the submerged town of legend lives again in this pub, thanks to a little Breton imagination and some careful decoration.
A surreal light filters through the stained glass windows into the pub with its mismatched gothic-style chairs and sofas that swallow you up for their tea. The spiral staircase looks like its going to go right through the ceiling and then disappear into the heavens above. This is a magical place, worthy of a fantasy film or a medieval epic, with overly high tables that make you feel like a Hobbit! And you'll soon become a fan of the Celtic music concerts and improvised jam sessions that take place during the Sunday night open stage evenings. What else is there to add, apart from describing the delicious Chouchenn (alcoholic honey-based drink) and the eight different Breton beers on tap - if you're having trouble seeing Ys in 3D, then they’ll certainly come in handy!

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