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Bulat-Pestivien, Côtes-d'Armor

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1, place de l'Ecole
22160 Bulat-Pestivien
Phone : 02 96 45 75 74
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What do you get when mix the culture of Brittany with that of northern France (otherwise known as ‘Ch’ti’)? Two cultures united by their love of people and of life.
People who are happy to just be themselves! That's what Emmanuelle and Flavien Dedryver hoped for when they left their traditional bar in northern France for this little bar in inland Brittany. You'll find stone walls decorated with objects steeped in history, lace curtains hanging in the blue-timbered window frames and a collection of water pitchers: this 'cht'imi' couple wanted to create a place where they could be themselves and where people would feel at home. It seems that the gamble has paid off. Older folk, couples with children, and friends all gather here each day to share a few pleasant moments. The Ch'ty Coz is a place where people like to be. Whether you speak English, French, Breton or verlan (French slang), people at this bar will always find a way to communicate with you and help you share the fun over a local Breton beer…or even one from the North!

Details of package

Access for the Disabled : yes

Regional products

  • Local produce taster plates
  • local cider
  • Breton beers

Practical information


  • Authentic local cafe

Localisation type

  • In the country

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