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Quimper, Finistère

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Ceili Pub
4 rue Aristide Briand
29000 Quimper
Phone : 02 98 95 17 61
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The Ceili Pub (pronounced Kelli) has got its act so down to a T that you almost feel as though you were in a show. Beers dance along the bar and musicians jig away in a truly musical atmosphere.
What time does the Ceili close, you wonder. You'll find out soon enough, when the bell rings: only the toll will tell if your wish to continue the evening into the early hours has been granted. You really do feel at home here amidst the noisy chaos of French, Breton and Irish traditions. The Ceili Pub with its strong Celtic culture has been serving beer to Quimper pub-goers since 1979 and is still going strong. Whether you choose the ground floor, the heated patio (in winter), or upstairs, you'll find an unfailingly festive atmosphere and cosy decor. Add to that Celtic music and sea shanty concerts, improvised jam sessions and appearances by musicians from the ‘Festival de Cornouaille’, and you end up believing that the Ceili is heaven on earth. Just one more beer, now that wouldn’t be a sin, would it?

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