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In 1978, a group of implacable music-lovers sought sanctuary on a farm in Châteaulin, where they founded the Run ar Puns café-cabaret. Thirty years on, it is still there. Jam on the farm, spread thick and tasty, and on with the show!

Tucked away in the backwoods of Finistère, the Run ar Puns farm has a warm welcome for both headline bands and emerging outfits, honouring its 1978 pledge, still as strong as ever. Jamming on the farm is still just as succulent, accompanied, naturally, by fresh fruit and veg from the weekly organic market.

The cafe-cabaret recently offered up thorny, racy rap from Rocé, trip-hop excitement from Submotion Orchestra and loud, say-goodbye-to-the-blues grind from Electric Bazar Cie. But the Run ar Puns knows how to freshen up: a music school and two studios were recently set up in Châtelin’s old seeding barn, the Vieux Germoir. The perfect place to sort the wheat from the chaff pending a bevvy or few at the big night out. Another way of saying that with these facilities and a venue capacity of 350, the R.A.P has no need to cast an envious eye at the big Breton cities, and the little farm is firmly fixed on the course it has maintained since the outset.

Slightly punk in its philosophy, the association that emerged from a progressive folk band is quick to quote Nietzsche, who, all those years ago, considered the art of partying as the art supreme. So get on down to Run ar Puns to share their fun philosophy and enjoy a taste of hot bands from Brittany and elsewhere.

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