La Nouvelle Vague


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A new direction and a new musical azimuth… A new wave of sound has been washing the coast of Saint-Malo since the beginning of 2013. A brilliant pirate crew going by the name of Rock Tympans is to blame.

Since 2013 kicked off, a new rhythm has hit Saint-Malo. And where has this musical tsunami come from? A new crew has hijacked the Saint-Malo concert scene, and taken the helm to explore new horizons. Rechristened the Nouvelle Vague, this flagship of new music in Saint-Malo was quick to begin a cruise rich in headline bands, taking the locals by storm.
The new captain of this ambitious project, Rock Tympans, is already a household name in the Saint-Malo area. Twice a year they take us to travel the Route du Rock, a festival entirely dedicated to Brit-pop and Anglo-Saxon rock. It’s thanks to them that Saint-Père fortress is invaded by rock fans every August, and that we work ourselves into a lather on the dance floor during the winter version of the festival.

But Nouvelle Vague’s programmes are not limited to indie pop, and are sure to spill over both port and starboard, as confirmed by the first billings to crowd the bridge of this complex of complex-free current sounds. Hubert Felix Thiéfaine and his legendary Fille du coupeur de joints, god of hip-jazz Oxmo Puccino, still-on-the-ball electric folk from Alan Stivell, and Sébastien Tellier; all these artists have already made waves in Saint-Malo. With a 900 capacity concert hall, plus rehearsal and recording facilities, the Nouvelle Vague invites you for a session of seawater therapy, but don’t expect to just sit back and relax.

Whats' on at La Nouvelle Vague