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In Saint-Brieuc, La Citrouille (or, in English, The Pumpkin) rarely waits for midnight to turn into a royal coach of current music. Good reason for the locals to be full of beans.

In the prolific market garden of current sounds, La Citrouille concert hall in Saint-Brieuc has mastered the art of organising some thirty gigs annually, offering punters a taste of local, national and international musical cuisine. From Bill Deraime to Lilly Wood and The Pricks, via Mass Hysteria and the Hélène Labarrière Quartet, the least that can be said is that there’s something for everyone.

And ripening musical fruits rarely end up on the compost heap, at a venue that does not skimp on projects targeting young iconoclasts. Local teens hurry along to Next Generation nights, where they can show off their DJing skills, show video clips, demonstrate video games, etc.

And since Cinderella is no longer top of the bill, La Citrouille has decided to draw a line under its taxi activities and devote itself entirely to digital culture and video-gaming. Every year, the Culture Gamerz festival is a summit for artists who like to mess about making music with toys and Minitels.

Another feature of La Citrouille is its mission to nurture the juicy fruits of musical creativity, thanks to its rehearsal and recording studios, and artists in residence, not forgetting the contemporary music RockSchool that offers ten or so widely-varying courses, from guitar classes to Glee and High School Musical workshops, with yoga classes to bring harmony to the soul. From specialised courses to fun things to do, this pumpkin is no sad marrow!

What's on at La Citrouille