La Carène


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Spread the news - in Britanny, Rennes isn’t the only place where the shooting stars of rock rip the night apart. At La Carène as well, the thunder of Brest blasts and resonates the thousand and one notes of the latest sounds.

A liner berthed in the docks, where people regularly come to have a great time with friends. An intoxicating ship where port rockers regularly don their boiler suits. With ninety gigs a year, it’s understandable.

Below the waterline at La Carène, they also know how to foster the freshness of the amateur scene, with six fully-equipped studios with all mod cons. The punters at La Carène enjoy talent nights held every three months in search of local treasure trove, as well as the ‘Brigade Démineurs’  (Bomb-Disposal Squad) which also offers a space to 11 to 20-year-olds. One way of saying that in Brest, the young do not get left behind or stuck in dry dock. With original architecture designed by Jacques Ripault, the rust-coloured building looks as stainless as its public is loyal. Three venue halls mean that extremes can be accommodated; two halls with capacities of 300 and 1300, and in between, a 500-capacity terrace-auditorium affording an unobstructed view of the latest sounds.

Rock or rap, hip-hop or world music, reggae or hard, punk or French chanson, La Carène is unparalleled for changing direction and adding variety to spice up the sounds. On Cape Finistere, there is no sign that the sounds will stop any time soon. The next wave of sound is just over the horizon. Now that’s having the wind in your sails!

What's on at La Carène