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A brand new venue inaugurated in March 2010, Échonova is the place to hear contemporary music in the Gulf of Morbihan, where it amplifies the first echoes of its rising stars. Saint-Avé, the sonorous arts salute you!

In the Gulf of Morbihan, contemporary music has found a new place to grow, develop and dazzle its public. Inaugurated in 2010 in Saint-Avé, the Échonova, which looks rather like an orange spaceship placed on top of a stone stand, is fully intent on sending Vannes’ city livers to the musical firmament.

Apparently the venue gets its name from mythology and Echo, the nymph whose voice was taken from her because she talked too much. Vengeance is a dish best eaten at showtime, and the Échonova makes sure you don’t forget it every week of the year, except during its summer break in July-August. Electro, pop rock or hip-hop, the management also dishes out a dash of reggae and jazz, and has not balked at billing a wide variety of different artists, such as Miossec, Orelsan, Yel Naïm, and Mass Hysteria.

With capacity for 600, five rehearsal studios and a recording facility, Échonova thinks locally before acting globally. The nymph offers a warm welcome to both professionals, who regularly appear as resident artists, and amateurs looking for some backing, advice and technical resources to bring their music projects to fruition. For, as its name suggests, Échonova’s heavenly mission has as its prime objective to amplify the first echoes of those stars shine so bright overnight – today’s supernovas, and tomorrow’s headliners.

What's on at l'Échonova