Antipode MJC


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For nearly ten years in Rennes, lovers of current sounds have been cramming one little venue, the Antipode MJC, to hear local talent and national stars.

In 2017, the Antipode MJC will leave the Cleunay district to set up its sound system in Courrouze, a veritable XXIst century town currently rising from the ground to the west of Rennes. Truly a musical space odyssey for this Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture (MJC) which will then be equipped with two venue halls (one in club format and the other with a capacity of 650). A just reward for so many years of dedication body n’ soul to education, culture and art.

In the meantime, looking forward to this quantum leap, the Antipode has not lost its bearings as a small community youth centre in the Cleunay district, where for almost 10 years people have packed out some fifty concerts per season. From Ekterklang to Dominique A, and Joey Starr to Metronomy, as well as local talent with international ability, variety is the watchword in this youth centre that is totally averse to culture with a capital C.

Emulating Rencontres Urbaines, an annual reminder that ‘city’ does not have to rhyme solely with ‘hip-hop’, Antipode MJC is the exact opposite of what goes on Epinal. In Rennes, we didn’t wait for 4G to cultivate the four Ds: Diversity in art, Democratisation of culture, De-segregation of audiences and De-isolation of the land.

What's on at l'Antipode MJC