Concert Halls

  • La Nouvelle Vague

    A new direction and a new musical azimuth… A new wave of sound has been washing the coast of Saint-Malo since the beginning of 2013. A brilliant pirate crew going by the name of Rock Tympans is to blame.

  • L'Échonova

    A brand new venue inaugurated in March 2010, Échonova is the place to hear contemporary music in the Gulf of Morbihan, where it amplifies the first echoes of its rising stars. Saint-Avé, the sonorous arts salute you!

  • La Citrouille

    In Saint-Brieuc, La Citrouille (or, in English, The Pumpkin) rarely waits for midnight to turn into a royal coach of current music. Good reason for the locals to be full of beans.

  • Le Manège

    An enchanted interlude that has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, Le Manège does not skimp when it comes to booking today’s top bands and musicians, packing the Lorient express with local passengers every week.

  • Run ar Puns

    In 1978, a group of implacable music-lovers sought sanctuary on a farm in Châteaulin, where they founded the Run ar Puns café-cabaret. Thirty years on, it is still there. Jam on the farm, spread thick and tasty, and on with the show!

  • La Carène

    Spread the news - in Britanny, Rennes isn’t the only place where the shooting stars of rock rip the night apart. At La Carène as well, the thunder of Brest blasts and resonates the thousand and one notes of the latest sounds.

  • Antipode MJC

    For nearly ten years in Rennes, lovers of current sounds have been cramming one little venue, the Antipode MJC, to hear local talent and national stars.

  • Club Coatelan

    Welcome to the Coatelan, in the heart of scenic Brittany! A legendary club in the 1980s-1990s, this Plougonven temple of rock is still plugged in to the latest sounds, more in fact now than it ever was. Ready to take the plunge?

  • Stereolux

    The days of the Olympic picture house are long gone.  Since 2011, the former little cinema in the Chantenay district has given way to Stéréolux. With its futurist style, looking like some aircraft that's landed at La Fabrique on the Île de Nantes, it can introduce us to plenty of fresh and different musical UFOs.