Where the locals go

Fancy…meeting up in Brittany?

Brittany, one of the rare regions of France where you really get the feeling that you’re somewhere else without actually crossing the border. Slightly exotic, a real change of scenery, pleasing on the eye, this is a region that still resonates with the sound of the Breton accent. Drop in on one of the nearby pubs and the hum of Breton conversation will gently remind you where you are. So make a date in one of the many meeting places, but remember, we’re not talking dating agencies here!

  • La Dame de Nage

    A woman, some local beer and yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! What more could anyone want?

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  • Apéro'Zique

    The rest of the year Bécherel is a book town, but in August it metamorphoses into a town buzzing with live music for the ‘Apéro'Zique’. Ten years on, and it still cultivates the same passion for literature, ten years on and still going strong.

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  • Festival du Saumon

    There's no to need go to Scotland or Norway to spot this fish. Pont-Scorff has plenty and celebrates its pink friends every July with three days of concerts and entertainment

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  • Gorvello Café

    Before you reach the beautiful coastline of Le Crouesty or La Trinité-sur-Mer, the Gorvello countryside will work its charms on you and make you want to take a break. An original café with welcoming guestrooms in a feel-good, lush green setting, just a short distance from the historic centre of Vannes.

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