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Fancy…some live music?

‘Café concerts’, auditoriums, clubs or festivals. This first chapter of ‘Brittany à la carte’ lays out a map criss-crossed with alternative routes, just waiting to be discovered. During the summer months, stop over at the ‘Route du rock’ in Saint-Malo, the ‘Vieilles Charrues’ in Carhaix, the ‘Interceltique’ festival in Lorient, or ‘Astropolis’ in Brest, and immerse yourself in a Brittany known only to the select few. And when it turns a bit chilly, slip into the warm, convivial atmosphere of the local pubs and take it easy to the traditional sounds and rhythms of Brittany, the spirit of the Breizh.

  • Le Bacardi

    In deepest Brittany, the small, peaceful market town of Callac attracts visitors to its medieval castle, the major cycling event La Pierre Le Bigaut – and former discothèque Le Bacardi.

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  • Mardivertissants

    In the summertime Moncontour pulls out all the stops to liven up its evenings. Absolutely free, the ‘Mardivertissants’ invite you to join in the fun and follow the rhythm that is both varied and unusual. Without a doubt, in July and August Moncontour is well worth the detour.

  • Mamm Kounifl

    ... And where the walls are the guardians of the history of a family and a little fishing village in Morbihan. Le Mamm Kounifl is all of that, and a lot more besides.

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  • La Route du Rock Festival

    Along with Vieilles Charrues , this rock-orientated 3-dayer, based in the beautiful port town of St-Malo, is the biggest regional date in the rock calendar along with Vieilles Charrues, and one of the major festivals of its type in France.

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  • Fest-Jazz Festival

    This relatively new, Anglo-French creation has rapidly positioned itself as one of the key jazz events of the year alongside the longer-established Jazz à Vannes.

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  • Astropolis Festival

    Taking place in Brest every year, Astropolis is a 4-day techno extravaganza that every year attracts the cream of France’s emerging dance producers and international names.

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  • Festival du Bout du Monde

    Out on the coastal tip of Finistère, on the Presqu’île de Crozon (a ‘nearly-island’), the Bout du Monde festival takes place every August. In a location of outstanding natural beauty – it’s all within the bounds of the Armorique natural park – the sunny and sandy vibes of the gorgeous beach setting are well matched by the entertainment on offer.

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