Breton music

Fancy...finding some Breton venues?

Although Brittany clings firmly to its traditions, it still harbours a few new sounds. Lend your ears to Christophe Miossec and Yann Tiersen, for example, and you’ll find that their Armorican roots have stretched way beyond the square, Celtic meadowlands. You can even feel the spirit of ‘Breizhsistance’ in the punk music of the ‘Ramoneurs de Menhir’. In short, keep your ears wide open and you’ll discover that Breton music is anything but lifeless.

  • Festival Kann Al Loar

    Yes you kann! Every July, without fail, the Kann al Loar festival brings the house down, to put it mildly. With music, dance, theatre, literature, games and competitions, the event stirs up some noise in its home town of Landerneau, but nobody's complaining.

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  • Le Bacardi

    In deepest Brittany, the small, peaceful market town of Callac attracts visitors to its medieval castle, the major cycling event La Pierre Le Bigaut – and former discothèque Le Bacardi.

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  • Festival Interceltique

    Whereas the Festival de Cournouaille in Quimper is focused on Breton culture in particular, the Festival Interceltique’s goal is the celebration of global Celtic culture. It attracts artists from numerous disciplines (musicians, film-makers, dancers) as well as academics from the British Isles as well as Spain, the USA, Canada and Australia.

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  • Festival des Filets Bleus

    Every year, for over 100 years, ‘Les Filets bleus de Concarneau’ festival, has allowed people to go back to their Breton roots. Discover a colourful parade of Breton costume and true tradition.

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