Breton flavours

Fancy…some local specialities?

Fancy some... … kig ha farz? No, it’s not a farce. The Breton kitchens are cooking up one of their specialities, and you can taste the Armorican touch in many other regional dishes too. Of course, you’ll also find seafood, fresh from the ocean, and an infinite variety of ciders that will leave you spoilt for choice. Deliver a discourse on desserts (kouign aman, far breton…) well worth a word or two, after a glass or two, or try some Guémené andouille sausage. Brittany knows how to make your mouth water. You’re always sure of something to tickle your taste buds!

  • La Cour des Miracles

    This somewhat weird and wonderful ‘venue’ (the word is used loosely because the place is much more than that) is itself part of a larger complex, a converted convent in Camlez that calls itself Le Couvent Alternatif.

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  • Le Coquelicot

    ‘Le Coquelicot’ is first and foremost the story of a little café that now attracts musicians and audiences from all over France

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  • Le Sarah B.

    This former grain warehouse in the port of La Roche-Bernard is a wonderful showcase for evenings of consistently festive and friendly entertainment.

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  • Le Graal

    Move to the beat of the monthly concerts, hit a few balls on the billiard table or just soak up the sun on the terrace; take a break at Martigné-Ferchaud, cut yourself a slice of happiness or maybe even a slice of bread, with some local goats cheese and garlic pâté.

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