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Gourin, Morbihan

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Fête de la crêpe
56110 Gourin
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In Gourin, the crêpe has pride of place, and not only on Pancake Day. Each July, with the crack of a few eggs, a drop of milk and a little flour dust, this village in the Morbihan area opens the doors to this magical world. Merlin couldn't have done better himself.
Few can claim not to like galettes (Brittany's savoury buckwheat pancakes), but if they do they’ll quickly change their mind as soon as they step foot in the village of Gourin, where, despite the heat of summer and the fact that Pancake Day has long passed, people gather to celebrate the humble crêpe. Dancing, Breton pipe bands, traditional fest-noz nights, concerts, games and entertainment are all on the menu. Not forgetting of course, the pancake-makers' competition. Who will make the biggest crêpe this year? If you want to find out the favourites to win, talk to the locals, they are sure to have a word to say on the batter...or matter, rather.
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29/07/2017 30/07/2017

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