Events Festival des Filets Bleus

Brittany's blue festival

Concarneau, Finistère

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Festival des Filets Bleus
29900 Concarneau
Phone : 02 98 97 09 09
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Every year, for over 100 years, ‘Les Filets bleus de Concarneau’ festival, has allowed people to go back to their Breton roots. Discover a colourful parade of Breton costume and true tradition.
You may even come across a sardine or two - the famous fish had an important role in the festival's history - as this Finistère town's fête was originally created out of solidarity for fishermen suffering the effects of the Sardine crisis. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength to become a major celebration of Breton tradition. Spectators come to watch the parades with their grand array of velvet, satin and lace. If you want to be accepted in Breton circles, try taking part in a Celtic dance or a game of 'palets' (traditional local game). You're sure to go away feeling a little more Breton than when you arrived. What’s the time Madame Sardine? Time for some traditional music; time for the binious and bombardes (pipes and bagpipes) to call people to gather for the great Filets Bleus festival.
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15/08/2017 20/08/2017

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  • English

Access for the Disabled : yes

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  • Street performance


  • Traditional dance


  • Traditional music


  • Local festival
  • Festival
  • Fest-Noz

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