• Complet' Mandingue - Brittany

    Complet' Mandingue

    22000 Saint-Brieuc
    Phone : 02 96 67 66 85

    From April 21, 2017 to April 30, 2017

    From Benin to Mali and more. Every spring for the past ten years the Mandigue culture of western Africa has shone brightly in Brittany. Complet'mandingue, - a play on words of 'completely crazy' - in Saint-Brieuc, is a festival full of passion. And fans are all ears!

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  • Festival Les Petites Folies - Brittany

    Festival Les Petites Folies

    29810 Lampaul-Plouarzel
    Phone : 02 99 27 05 99

    From June 2, 2017 to June 3, 2017

    The month of May is the most merrie for visitors to the Petites Folies du Pays d'Iroise music festival for all the family, packed with discoveries and cultural fusion.

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  • Festival Art Rock - Brittany

    Festival Art Rock

    22000 Saint-Brieuc
    Phone : 02 96 68 18 40

    From June 2, 2017 to June 4, 2017

    A recent and forward-looking arrival on the Breton festival scene, Art Rock festival descends in mid-to-late May on the area of St-Brieuc and Côtes-d’Armor with its blend of, well, art and rock. What this means in practice is that, alongside a well-considered array of acts (from the Congolese Konono No 1 to Brighton’s Go Team), Art Rock also stages performance and visual art events, exhibits, discussions and lectures.

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  • Les Arts à Gahard - Brittany

    Les Arts à Gahard

    35490 Gahard
    Phone : 09 54 10 98 34

    From June 2, 2017 to June 4, 2017

    You can’t just improvise a festival of traditional and improvised music. Gahard leaves nothing to chance in ensuring that this journey into the world of music and dance is as original as possible. Mind the Gahap...

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  • Algues au rythme - Brittany

    Algues au rythme

    56610 Arradon
    Phone : 02 97 44 71 34

    From June 3, 2017 to June 4, 2017

    Every year local bands battle it out to appear at the modestly-sized 'Algues au rythme' festival which sets up shop mid-May in a large marquee in Arradon, in the Gulf of Morbihan. The festival showcases current music trends with obviously catchy tunes, but you won't hear anyone complaining!

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  • Festival Les pieds dans la vase - Brittany

    Festival Les pieds dans la vase

    56700 Kervignac

    From June 10, 2017 to June 11, 2017

    June means grooving in the mangrove for anyone at this Kervignac music festival offering fun and festivities.

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  • La Gallésie en fête - Brittany

    La Gallésie en fête

    35160 Monterfil
    Cell : 06 81 89 12 98

    From June 24, 2017 to June 25, 2017

    This June, come and learn a few words of Gallo in Monterfil. ‘Gallésie en fête’ is a festival full of rhythm with a slight taste of strawberry, thanks to the local aperitif known as 'godinette', which it would be a crime not to try. 20,000 visitors come here each year to discover the life led by Gallesian people back in Gallo times.

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  • Festival Astropolis - Brittany

    Festival Astropolis

    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 43 37 74

    From June 30, 2017 to July 2, 2017

    Taking place in Brest every year, Astropolis is a 4-day techno extravaganza that every year attracts the cream of France’s emerging dance producers and international names.

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  • Festival des Vieilles Charrues - Brittany

    Festival des Vieilles Charrues

    29270 Carhaix
    Phone : 0 820 890 066

    From July 13, 2017 to July 16, 2017

    This festival, the name of which translates as ‘old ploughs’ (a reference to its Breton countryside setting and roots), is coming up for 20 years of existence now and has established itself as one of France’s major rock festivals (another contender, La Route de Rock, is also held in Brittany).

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  • Festival Kann Al Loar - Brittany

    Festival Kann Al Loar

    29800 Landerneau
    Phone : 02 98 30 30 45

    From July 13, 2017 to July 16, 2017

    Yes you kann! Every July, without fail, the Kann al Loar festival brings the house down, to put it mildly. With music, dance, theatre, literature, games and competitions, the event stirs up some noise in its home town of Landerneau, but nobody's complaining.

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  • La Fête des Brodeuses - Brittany

    La Fête des Brodeuses

    29120 Pont-l'Abbé
    Phone : 02 98 82 37 99

    From July 13, 2017 to July 17, 2017

    The Fête des Brodeuses in Pont-l’Abbé isn't just about embroidery, it weaves a fabulous tale in honour of Brittany's traditions and culture, including music, dancing and even a little foreign folklore too. Now don't lose the thread, will you!

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  • Festival de Cornouaille - Brittany

    Festival de Cornouaille

    29000 Quimper
    Phone : 02 98 55 53 53

    From July 18, 2017 to July 23, 2017

    This venerable festival, which takes place in Quimper every year, is undoubtedly the daddy of Breton cultural festivals. Its origins are in the inter-war period, but its importance increased after World War II when the question of the survival of Breton culture became particularly pressing.

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  • Jazz en Ville - Brittany

    Jazz en Ville

    56000 Vannes
    Phone : 02 97 01 62 30

    From July 22, 2017 to July 28, 2017

    For the past 30 years, the largely open-air Jazz à Vannes has been the pre-eminent jazz festival in Brittany, attracting the biggest names from around the world to the stunning port town of Vannes on the Gulf of Morbihan

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  • Festival Au Pont du Rock - Brittany

    Festival Au Pont du Rock

    56140 Malestroit
    Phone : 02 97 73 76 91

    From July 28, 2017 to July 29, 2017

    Every year this little gem of a town on the Oust river welcomes thousands of electric guitar fans. For almost 20 years, bands like Thiefaine, Arno, and Dionysos, as well as the Wampas and Mass Hysteria - regular acts here - have shared the line-up at the festival's 100% pure rock concerts.

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  • Fête de la crêpe - Brittany

    Fête de la crêpe

    56110 Gourin

    From July 29, 2017 to July 30, 2017

    In Gourin, the crêpe has pride of place, and not only on Pancake Day. Each July, with the crack of a few eggs, a drop of milk and a little flour dust, this village in the Morbihan area opens the doors to this magical world. Merlin couldn't have done better himself.

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