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Generation XX

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Straddling atoms and atmospheric chromosomes are all on the menu for radiant pirates of the rock road at The XX's live show. The music may be minimalist, but the show is sure to be XXL.

A patchwork of silence and sighs, the first album of this London band went off like a bomb. A-bomb? No. H-bomb? Definitely not! XX-bomb, blowing a firestorm of pop innovation into the 2009 rock scene. Rigged out like birds of ill omen, this British band brings us back to the good old days of yore and 1980’s neurasthenia and new wave sounds; the unforgettable Cure in their salad days, a nod and a bleary-eyed wink to this mythic band. Three years on, and The XX is still known for its minimalist abundance and melodies awry on the pop-comfort front. The flowers of evil have still not wilted and fans will soon be able to weave their audio way through the patchworks of a new album, more in the club music vein. A stitch in time....

The XX show:

Route du Rock Festival in Saint-Malo (11/08/2012)