The Kills

A killer sound

Picture 1 The Kills

The killer duo of American Alison Mosshart and British Jamie Hince are still hitting all the right notes with their latest album, Blood Pressures.

Something in the stars ensured that this transatlantic duo met. Singer Alison Mosshart, also known as VV is American while guitarist Jamie Hince, known as Hotel, is English. The year 2000 was when they wowed audiences with their ability to produce minimalist rock to maximum effect. Whether it’s blues, garage or punk, The Kills’ music has always had a devastating effect. After producing four albums together (Keep on your Mean Side, No Wow, Midnight Boom and Blood Pressures), the two still make a great team making great music. She sings, smokes and vomits on stage. He sweats blood and tears to get the sound he wants from his guitar. Their label, Domino’s ethos sums them up: once a rumour has started, nothing can stop it.