The Cranberries

The return of baby Dolores

Picture 1 The Cranberries

As soon as their interplanetary hit Zombie, released in 1994, began to fade into oblivion, the critics were quick to put the Cranberries six feet under.  But they hadn’t counted on the vitamins in all that cranberry juice.  Ready for the cryptic moment?

The least that can be said about the Cranberries is that with 38 million albums sold worldwide, they have opened the way, even a motorway, to a style of music that is ever present today. In 1991, with her urchin-style haircuts, the blond and delicious Dolores inaugurated one of the first female led pop groups. Five albums and ten years later, nothing. Could it have been collateral damage from Zombie, a veritable tirade against the ravages of the civil war in Northern Ireland? After the disappointment of the failed attempt to reform at the beginning of 2009, fans can now celebrate the return of their favourite living dead. Once you’ve tasted this forbidden fruit, you’ll definitely be coming back for more.