The Chemical Brothers

Big beat generation

Picture 1 The Chemical Brothers

Heirs to late 1980s Madchester, The Chemical Brothers really do live up to their name. Their music is synthetic, artificial and yet fiendishly good at getting our feet off the ground.

Together with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and the Propellerheads, they are one of the most important artists on the Big Beat scene. An army of fat beats and fat sounds dispatched to Earth to attack and conquer the planet’s dance floors. It all happened very quickly, spreading like wildfire, beginning with a debut album in 1995 called Exit Planet Dust. Our two robot mixers then set off on a world tour, supported by a weird group who dressed as manga heroes and were still unknowns on Planet Sound: Daft Punk. They already had their powerful, aggressive sound, dressed up in the guise of pop, with uncomfortable masculine rhythms and feminine melodies that pulled no punches. This was followed with a good fistful of albums, dominated by techno and electropop. Our Big Beat Generation ambassadors are on their way… to the festivals.