Get Stung!

Picture 1 Sting

If Police were still laying down the law on planet music, Sting would be the Breton lighthouse of this year’s Vieilles Charrues Festival. Since they’re not, Sting will be there to kick us out of our sleepy cell[ve]s. A Sting not to be missed, for anything.

If Great Britain, in the Beatles, has a band not stung by the may bugs, another artist of mythic proportions, answering to the name Sting, is still firing a regular dart into the ears of the world’s music-lovers. The former chief of Police owes his surname to a black and yellow sweater with hooped stripes that he wore one night at a gig, when he was still jamming with the Phoenix Jazzmen. Not a lot of people know that! Since the end of the 70s, the singer-actor-global peace activist has never needed to rise from the ashes. Impervious to fashion’s whims, fully insecticide-resistant, the bee makes his honey out of époques and new trends towards bad influences. Whether he’s wearing his new wave Policeman’s hat or the three-piece suit of an Englishman in New York, the big blond guy with the black sweater is still just as quiet and reserved, a good reason for getting down to the show, where you know you won’t get stung.

Sting show:

Les Vieilles Charrues Festival in Carhaix (21/07/2012)