Mika: Bright star!

Picture 1 Mika

Mika’s music sparkles like his mineral namesake while his pop-disco sound soars like a luminous rainbow in the sky! Welcome to the wonderful world of Mika. Enjoy a flamboyant, exuberant musical performance of glitter-studded rock!

Few experiences are as invigorating as being in the audience of a Mika concert in the summer heat – think cold ice cream on the beach! Mika’s uplifting and refreshing music is like a cool breeze wafting over the crowd of fans swaying in appreciation of this young Lebanese-American singer with the famously falsetto voice. His fan base has been growing rapidly ever since his first album Life in cartoon motion, but it was his second album, The boy who knew too much, that really confirmed his reputation for audacious, acid-tipped musical compositions. Mika’s music is extravagant, brave and colourful - like the Mikado his name suggests - and his influences are many and varied. These add up to a stunning overall effect with a career trajectory that’s been a tightrope-like balance between various ventures - singing classical music at the Royal Opera House, composing mood music for British Airways, commercials for confectionery. He’s lyrical, he’s fun, and his music soars like a welcome sea breeze!

Festival des Vieilles Charrues, July 2010