Massive Attack

Back after a seven-year wait

Picture 1 Massive Attack

Massive Attack’s fans have certainly been kept waiting since the release of 100th window. Seven years on from its release, the band’s new offering takes us on a journey to Heligoland, venturing once again into the sacred territory of trip-hop on an extraordinary new adventure and a welcome return to the scene.

Massive Attack’s holy trinity of trip-hop (Blue lines, Protection, Mezzanine) has been the set text for a generation of fans of their brand of sultry, soulful, slowed down beats. Together with their Bristolian soulmates Portishead and Tricky, Massive Attack are the ultimate sound that lesser mortals can only aspire to. A seven year silence since 2003 has kept their brand of trip-hop away from the mixing tables, and loyal fans have been kept waiting for the second coming. Now Massive attack are back to celebrate their new groove right in the heart of the Fort de Saint-Père. This is an unmissable opportunity to discover their new album Heligoland live, as well as a chance to re-live some of the 90s sounds that have made their mark on the landscape of Rock. Massive Attack’s music distils the best grooves around and serves up a brand new blend of searching, raw, pared-down funk that takes us on an uncompromising journey through the best of the English west country. A heavenly triumph of pop trip-hop here on earth !

Route du Rock, Saint-Malo, August 2010