Lou Reed

Back on the wild side

Picture 1 Lou Reed

At almost 70 years young the New Yorker Lou Reed has definitely gained a few wrinkles, but at each of this rock icon’s comebacks there’s no escaping it: the ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ star is irreplaceable – just take a look at his hordes of fans who show no signs of losing interest.

Writing a few lines about Lou Reed is like trying to sum up the life and work of Springsteen or Dylan in three words. Forced to undergo the trauma of electroconvulsive therapy to ‘cure’ his homosexual tendencies, the New York rocker has always had a knack for making a lasting impression – first off, in the Velvet Underground. Brian Eno famously described their influence by saying that their first album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought one formed a band. As a solo artist, through his Berlin and New York eras, the young Lou Reed turned grizzled rock legend was, and still is, the prince of darkness and fear. When his inimitable spoken singing style is heard again, and his aura rumbles onto the stage, it will be time for the great Lou Reed to send his Satellite of Love spinning up into the sky, spinning the crowd into a frenzy with it.