Gotan Project


Picture 1 Gotan Project

An Argentine moon will soon light up the Crozon peninsula, thanks to the elegant trio that make up the Gotan Project. With acoustic electro to electrify your senses, chords to harmonize body and soul, the on-stage revelation of Tango 3.0 is all set to raise the roof.

A breath of fresh air blown straight in from Buenos Aires and bringing with it nothing but a note of pure happiness to Tango lovers everywhere. It’s ten years since La Revancha del tango, and ever since then the Gotan Project has been drawing in the crowds with the hot, lascivious rhythms of the most sensual of dances. Cleverly cultivating the Tango tempo, this Franco-Swiss-Argentine trio has succeeded in conserving the music of the founding fathers, Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzola, shielding them in an electro field more magnetic than ever! The result is Tango 3.0. And you can feel it too, at night, under the stars, in Gotan’s extraordinary fusion of tech and tango.