Beth Ditto, again

Picture 1 Gossip

Born in 2001 at Olympia, Gossip waited eight years for Heavy Cross so that they could join the mythic master music-makers at the summit of sound Olympus. And it’s a cross that Beth Ditto is still happy to bear.

From here on in, we know that Beth Ditto’s abundance is just a front for a wild rodeo way of life, a way of the cross that our callipygian goddess has born since the creation of Gossip, at the dawn of the new millennium. This Portland-based band will make their feminist punk the stuff of inimitable authenticity to frighten off the falsifiers and would-be charlatan high-fliers. Their fourth album, Music for Men, came out in 2009, and with Heavy Cross, it’s a bit as though our preferred Gossip girl was fulfilling a childhood scream. The recent A Joyful Noise brings confirmation that Beth is still happy to bear her cross. Open your ears and eyes, and believe it!

Gossip show:

Les Vieilles Charrues Festival in Carhaix (22/07/2012)