They Came to Brittany !

  • Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan

    Make love not war! At 70 and a bit, Bob Dylan is still going full on. The stone is still rolling and people in Carhaix will need no coaxing to get together at the Vieilles Charrues Festival for one of the shows of the century. Just that!

  • The XX

    The XX

    Straddling atoms and atmospheric chromosomes are all on the menu for radiant pirates of the rock road at The XX's live show. The music may be minimalist, but the show is sure to be XXL.

  • Sting


    If Police were still laying down the law on planet music, Sting would be the Breton lighthouse of this year’s Vieilles Charrues Festival. Since they’re not, Sting will be there to kick us out of our sleepy cell[ve]s. A Sting not to be missed, for anything.

  • Gossip


    Born in 2001 at Olympia, Gossip waited eight years for Heavy Cross so that they could join the mythic master music-makers at the summit of sound Olympus. And it’s a cross that Beth Ditto is still happy to bear.

  • The Cranberries

    As soon as their interplanetary hit Zombie, released in 1994, began to fade into oblivion, the critics were quick to put the Cranberries six feet under.  But they hadn’t counted on the vitamins in all that cranberry juice.  Ready for the cryptic moment?

  • Gotan Project

    An Argentine moon will soon light up the Crozon peninsula, thanks to the elegant trio that make up the Gotan Project. With acoustic electro to electrify your senses, chords to harmonize body and soul, the on-stage revelation of Tango 3.0 is all set to raise the roof.

  • Jamiroquaï

    Jamiroquai: diva of the dance-floor with the smoothed-out, far-out voice. This space cowboy encapsulated the 90s sound and now the last of the Mohicans is bringing his unique brand of acid jazz with an Iroquois twist to the stage again. Snap up the chance to groove to the Jay-Kay beat!

  • Massive Attack

    Massive Attack’s fans have certainly been kept waiting since the release of 100th window. Seven years on from its release, the band’s new offering takes us on a journey to Heligoland, venturing once again into the sacred territory of trip-hop on an extraordinary new adventure and a welcome return to the scene.

  • Mika

    Mika’s music sparkles like his mineral namesake while his pop-disco sound soars like a luminous rainbow in the sky! Welcome to the wonderful world of Mika. Enjoy a flamboyant, exuberant musical performance of glitter-studded rock!

  • Muse

    If music is the food of love, then Muse will be playing on at their only summer concert date in France - unmissable! After 2000 and 2004, the Vieilles Charrues has upped the stakes. This extraordinary trio of musicians, always at full strength, are a sure fire winner. Be there!

  • The Kills

    The killer duo of American Alison Mosshart and British Jamie Hince are still hitting all the right notes with their latest album, Blood Pressures.

  • Lou Reed

    At almost 70 years young the New Yorker Lou Reed has definitely gained a few wrinkles, but at each of this rock icon’s comebacks there’s no escaping it: the ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ star is irreplaceable – just take a look at his hordes of fans who show no signs of losing interest.

  • The Chemical Brothers

    Heirs to late 1980s Madchester, The Chemical Brothers really do live up to their name. Their music is synthetic, artificial and yet fiendishly good at getting our feet off the ground.