La vie en Yelle

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Discovered online by internet surfers one fine day in 2005, Yelle is still grabbing life with both hands. A star is born online, and as the album Safari Disco Club with its poptimist electro style seems to be saying, this Saint-Brieuc artist will shine on for a while yet…

Yelle stands for You Enjoy Life, a less and less anonymous acronym for lovers of contemporary music. Spotted online in 2005, this young female phenomenon certainly wasted no time in getting herself talked about. Flanked by GrandMarnier and Tepr, two DJs who turn out to be knights in shining armour, Julie Budet hit the bulls eye with her first shot. Her recipe for success? French lyrics, naïve and spontaneous enthusiasm, effective electropop and a stage presence bursting with energy… An artless artist, this brilliant Breton’s music owes as much to Lio’s pop ditties as to synthetic tunes from Jacno or Alain Chamfort. Machines she can do, but machismo just isn’t her forte…

Let’s hear you Yelle!

As early as 2005, the song ‘Je veux te voir’ was already issuing, for free, a warning to TTC’s misogynous rappers. She returns to this theme in fine style on her first album Pop Up, putting her cards on the table in the track Á cause des garçons. On Safari Disco Club, the second release in 2011, Yelle the gazelle continues to chase sluggishness away like there’s no tomorrow. Reborn in a skin-tight leopard-skin catsuit, this girl from the Côtes-d’Armor is in danger of raising the temperature a tad – and nobody would complain. A teenager going on thirty, Yelle, along with her two henchmen, nonetheless continues to ooze adolescent emotion, showing a feline femininity as she swoops down on her prey with one beat of a wing. But looking at the double meanings of her lyrics in Unillusion or S’éteint le soleil, is our little Bigouden princess really as naive as all that? A Yelle of desire on the wings of fun?