Tri Yann

Tri Yann...Brittany can!

Picture 1 Tri Yann

With all of France singing and dancing to the Jument de Michao, most people have forgotten that Tri Yann is a Breton group. And still in rude health, after performing onstage without skipping a beat for nearly 40 years. Even though Tri Yann’s ‘Three Jeans’ have hit their fourth decade of music-making, they show no signs of slowing down.

Brittany didn’t wait for 3G phone technology to invent its own 3J music. It happened between Christmas and New Year of 1970 in Nantes, the region’s historical capital and home of the Queen Anne of Brittany’s chateau: stepping into the breach of the musical revival opened up by Alan Stivell, the three J’s – Jean-Louis Jossic, Jean Chocun and Jean-Paul Corbineau – formed Tri Yann.

Brittany’s 3J revolution

The ‘3 Jeans’ had no way of knowing that they were signing up to a pact of sound that would still be going forty years later. Writing and singing their own compositions, Tri Yann earned their stripes first and foremost as ambassadors for tradition: La Jument de Michao, with the wolf, the fox and the weasel, not forgetting Les filles des Forges and of course those accursed Prisons de Nantes.

Forty years on stage. Twenty albums. That’s a good score, a number as round as the famous Breton hat. And the secret of their longevity?

First off, the unfailing pleasure of playing concerts to audiences of die-hard fans – what more could you ask for?

And then, the indestructible infernal triangle of Jean-Louis, Jean and Jean-Paul, regularly rejuvenated by the new blood of young musicians eager to get up and perform La Jument de Michao – a perfect Yanniversary present!