The Wankin’ Noodles

Action stations!

Still babies of the music scene, The Wankin’ Noodles already have a foothold on the summit of Rennes, (and even French) rock. These pasta masters in the art of recycling sixties rock deserve a place in the NME headlines. Wankin’ are top of the wanted list!

A hefty dose of cheek, a generous pinch of recklessness, a few swigs to calm the nerves… Vital ingredients for heading up onto the Transmusicales main stage when no-one knows who on earth you are. That was in 2009, and they did it! These extravagant noodles made their mark right from their very first concert, dishing out rock that was ardent and al dente.

No stopping the Noodles

These proud pasta performers could see their future mapped out, and knew what it held. And the recipe? Remembering their idols (The Sonics, The Kinks…) and keeping their aura of energy alive on the stages of the third millennium. And keeping themselves looking good, putting on a bold show and, in short, staying in top form. A hymn to rock ‘n’ roll attitude, Wankers Off The Social Club is an immaculate smash hit, a classic example of wankin’ about onstage. As comfortable slipping into Shakespeare’s slang as picking on Proust’s prose, the singer Régis issues bold challenges: ‘resistance is futile, starting now, so lick our boots!’

Mechanics from a garage rock that stinks of grease and used engine oil, the four sexy friends that are The Wankin’ Noodles are definitely best in show. Slimline rather than flared, they have kept some of the urgency of the psychedelic years, as if every concert could be their last. But watch out – there’s no stopping the Noodles!