Fiendish Faust

Picture 1 Success

The word is out – Mr Eleganz and his henchmen are first and foremost showmen of the stage. An explosive cocktail of an electro shock, hard rock and raging rap, the musical groove carved out by three Percubaba escapees and one consciously pretentious crooner tells us that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The chronicle of a runaway Success.

One clever columnist had the bright idea of comparing Mr Eleganz, the voice of Success, to ‘Angus Young dressed as a Lord’. And you can see what he means: a bit of nuclear AC/DC married to a crazy aristocrat who gaily whips up crowds with his cravat. In a three-piece suit or a straightjacket of shreds and patches, Success’s lead singer does elegance with a touch of velvet or horsehair to match the mood. With his unswervingly devilish charm and charisma, he prowls the stages of Transmusicales and the world.

Success, drugs & rock ’n’ roll 

An electro shock, hard rock or raging rap… Success will happily sell their soul to every devil of music, in return for an audience possessed by the devil’s own energy. Faust of a thousand faces, Mr Eleganz stands at the same altar to summon up the spirits of Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Elvis Presley (The King). A few days before his 2010 Rock en Seine performance, he even apologised for stealing Brian Ferry’s thunder. A crooner wearing a crown, consciously pretentious and utterly megalomaniac – what else can you say, when a group gives itself a name like that? When it claims that it wants to conquer the universe but it has only the five-track The Secret under its belt? And that must be secret of Success: this idea that rock ‘n’ roll belongs to the people who grab it with both hands, that madness has no limits. ‘Onstage, I take my faults and multiply them by a thousand’, says our fiendish Faust. ‘Anything’s better than getting bored on stage’. Flanked by his three battle worn Percubaba escapees, Mr Eleganz can drain our senses dry. Wherever our Attila of Rennes rock goes, you won’t see the grass grow any time soon – trampled by hypnotised spectators who are literally entranced. So there won’t be any exorcism. Far from being a mere substitute for the legends of rock, Success are living up to their name in fiendish form.