Let the explosions begin!

Picture 1 Startijenn

Take two experts at triggering bomb(ard) alerts. Add a diabolic diatonic accordion player and a guitarist who constantly has the itch. What do you get? The bundle of energy and excitement that is Startijenn. So, music lovers: on your marks…!

A purely instrumental quintet, Startijenn don’t need words to show that Breton blood runs in their veins. Even in its homeland, this group has no equal when it comes to setting off explosions of energy at the heart of their fiery festou-noz. Born in 1997 at the Relecq-Kerhuon Diwan college, Startijenn’s line-up numbers two Tangis, a Youenn and a Konogan. What more do you need to prove the pedigree of our little Breton korrigans?

Bombard alert!

Thanks partly to their three albums, but more especially to their many concerts, Startijenn have become a driving force on the Breton scene. They have made dance music their speciality. And from their live shows they have made a name for themselves and achieved a notoriety that puts this group in the same league as the swirling waters of the Cousenon river, when it comes to getting talked about far beyond the Breton borders. Alternating between traditional airs in dynamic arrangements and original compositions pulsing with energy, Startijenn’s music never fails to impress. Blame its unstoppable alchemy, tried and tested at a myriad of summer festival appearances (such as the Vieilles Charrues [Old Ploughs] and Interceltic Festival) or at the autumn cauldron that is Yaouank in Rennes: two experts at triggering bomb(ard) alerts, a diabolic diatonic accordion player and a guitarist who constantly has the itch… If Startijenn are in town, there’ll be plenty of excitement! So, music lovers, on your marks – Tangi, Tangi, Youenn and Konogan aren’t gonna wait to start the fire…