Renan Luce

Let Luce

Picture 1 Renan Luce

Brittany is of course renowned for its legendary lighthouses, that shine out like stars to guide the shepherds of the sea. However, it should also be known for Renan Luce, a luminous firefly of French music since the release of Repenti in 2006. Its successor Le Clan Des Miros shines just as brightly, weaving a colourful tapestry of sound.

Lucky, luminous Luce. So why begin a career repenting a Repenti? Perhaps to atone for his overnight success, selling more than 800,000 copies in France? For having opened the letter ‘delivered by accident, a postman’s mistake, splashed with perfume’ which has now been let Luce for the entire country to enjoy? 

Luce in the sky with diamonds 

However, the future of this lucky thirty-year old from Paris was not always so clearly mapped out. An adolescence spent in Plourin-lès-Morlaix, where the gossips whispered that nothing exciting ever happened any more. But Luce was there to deal them a scathing blow, a truly great singer/songwriter with a gentle voice and lyrics strong enough to clear a path between Miossec’s dry words and Dominique A’s alphabet.

A powerful, universal singer drawing his inspiration from the old Celtic world, this man from Brest, St Brieuc and Rennes has definitely not finished showing us his full spectrum of colours. Some say that in the land of the deaf, the blind man is king – but the many music lovers who have listened to the perceptive songs of Le Clan Des Miros (which went double platinum, thank you very much!) will have heard enough to know that this proverb does not apply to Renan Luce. Luce in the sky with diamonds, a shining star who won’t be coming back down to earth any time soon.