Red Cardell

Seeing red

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Melting pot, melting pop, twenty years on and the group Red Cardell is still at the forefront of Celtic rock. At their Bal or Banquet de Cristal, with more guests than you can count, these Quimper compères aren’t done lighting up Brittany with their Soleil Blanc sun – several times a day…

A melting pot…. If you think back to how the band was born, you will realise that Red Cardell’s Breton horizons span an imaginary line from Brest to Tizi Ouzou. In 1989, while playing in the group Penfleps (a curious and ingenious alchemy of rock, Breton music and Kabyle), Jean-Pierre Riou and Jean-Michel Moal discovered in each other a kindred restless spirit. From that moment on, the group was off on a perpetual quest to find a framework on which to hang their Celtic style: Anglophone rock; world music from Ukraine, from North America or from Maghreb; punk and electro; and, of course, not forgetting French popular song… Red Cardell use all the kindling they can find to set pub audiences on fire!

A melting pot of pop pals 

A melting pop of pals… ‘Cos it was in pubs, playing to the regulars propping up the bar, that this terrible trio became props of the Breton rock scene. A universally popular crossover pub rock band, recognised first and foremost for giving their listeners ants in their pants and getting them up and jigging about to dance rhythms or swaying to the sounds of Maghreb melodies. A twenty year career, with more than 2000 concerts on the clock… History can’t be rewritten, but let’s look at some memorable moments in a career that would turn many green with envy: first of all there was Red Cardell’s live Bal project, and then the 2008 Banquet de Cristal to celebrate the group’s 15th anniversary. Dan Ar Braz, Christophe Miossec and Yann Tiersen numbered amongst the VIP guests, and Dr Das – founder of British-Indian trip-hop group Asian Dub Foundation – was there to spice up the conversation.

A melting pot… 2010 came, with twelve albums to show for their smooth-running career that is bursting with plenty of great Red Cardell sound. A popular pot that definitely deserves a huge cake to celebrate the group’s twentieth birthday. Red, and the cherry on top, please!